Friday, March 30, 2007

my dreamscapes before the will it evolve?will it progress?let us wait and see...

from the very day i discovered ZARGOZIA a land without any restriction on the fine art of being oneself , i've tried to transfer those images down on viewable medium to be shared with my fellow earthling that i have forever tried to convince them to migrate there with me and forever leave this cruel world ZARGOZIA u can be yourself but in the reality world down here on earth 'a friend told me':you can be a better self,a better man,a better human than any ZARGOZIAN could ever wish for,for down here on EARTH,with the choice,a job description as i choose for myself since forever:an ARTIST,will give me an adventure far more thrilling than those of INDIANAs and LARAs out reality this good friend says that within this realm of rejections,acceptance and pure bliss in ignorance views in my works on earth will make me grow and progress,while in ZARGOZIA i've shrunk into a speck of dust that flew in the calming breeze of self worship and forever drowning in oneself sweet sweet sorrowful act of self love forevermore.
in ZAGORZIA they do that,they nod their heads all the time,all this while
in reality?lets just wait and see...of what will become of me,for an adventure to find an answer to the question why:....lets do this,lets fly....

Fathullah Luqman Yusuff
pray for me preety please

Monday, March 26, 2007

NYALA Art Travel kicks off this Saturday (31.03.07).

This is a blog to document Fathul’s art exploration - NYALA. Fathul will travel to over 25 places all over Malaysia , and will create artworks at each of these places, and also get the public and artists from that particular area to join him. He will be travelling for about 7 months starting from 1st April right till Sep 8 2007. Come and join in the fun by following Fathul's day to day journal of this 'art journey'.

We will be having a 'Doa Selamat' at Pelita Hati Art Gallery, Bangsar this coming Saturday (31.03.07), 8.00pm to mark the start of NYALA Travel. Do drop by to show us your support to this project, and of course to the artist himself. Hope to see you guys there! 1st stop: Ipoh, Perak